Towards a new period

Participants in the Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition fire at targets as the night sky (photo by T. Anthony Bell)
Participants in the Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition fire at targets as the night sky. (source)

Today ANDREASPOLITICS celebrates its first year as an intependent security policy blog. The year has been very productive and rewarding in many ways conserning both the blog and myself as well. The blog has become a stable part of the Finnish security policy scene, while me as a writer has got a lot of new opportunities, experiences and even a place to study for the next three years. But for most importantly, the blog has been able to influence the public debate of Finnish national and international security policies.

Now somebody might think why I am writing in English instead of in Finnish. If looked carefully, there is a possibility to notice that the entire blog has turned in English. From now on ANDREASPOLITICS will be written in English due to personal prospective changes in near future. Firstly, the author is moving to Great Britain to study International Politics and Security and therefore there is an urgent need to practice English language skill especially in writing. Secondly, there are likely coming few changes in the field of commitments as the articles written in Finnish could be published elsewhere. Therefore there is a need of filling the prospective vacuum and the best way to fill it is to start composing in an other language.

The style of the blog has already changed visually a bit, but the blog will also change in the matter of the style of the content. Formely there has been a tendency to create very demanding and heavy articles which could take even a week to produce. Due to need for “lighter” and more frequent publishing rate, I have decided to create more “blog style” -texts, which practically means more content with a different kind of an effort. That will mean content, which relies more on line of thought than very demanding argumenting and it will be easier to read and to approach than before. Otherwise the categories will remain same as the focusing will be at security, military, geopolitics and foreign politics.

I want to thank all the readers and commentators for the positive and interested response for my publishings. Hopefully the content will remain for you as interesting as it has been hitherto.

Best regards,


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