Russia’s Message To West


Russian military vehicles conducting a march during the Zapad-2017. (Source)

Russia’s Zapad-2017 exercise ended on Wednesday 20 September after months of preparations and an intensive political standoff between the West and Russia.

In the official Russia’s Ministry of Defence press release on Zapad-2017, 12 700 soldiers from Russia and Belarus conducted a 6-day intensive anti-terror exercise to demonstrate┬áRussia’s conventional counter-terrorism capabilities. However, in the western interpretations, in turn, the extent and motive of the Zapad-2017 differs from Russia’s official statements; Firstly, member states of the EU and NATO presented a notably greater numbers of troops and hardware participating in Zapad-2017 and secondly, Russia’s western neighbours addressed their concerns of Russia’s prospective aggressive motives behind the large-scale exercise.

In the following text, I will analyse the possible meaning of the Zapad-2017 and present a view of Russia’s political-strategic outlook on internal and external security.

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Russia Military Watch has been launched

Today, prior to Russia’s Zapad-2017 military exercise, we are more than pleased to provide you a convenient tool to stay in touch with Russia’s military activity in the geographical sphere. This research tool will fill a gap between military activity mapping projects and automated translation feeds by combining the best features of the both concepts simultaneously.

Russia Military Watch (RMW) is a news feed geolocation illustrator that is based on both software-translated news of Russia’s official military press sites and a mapping system that allows the geolocation of single news articles and press releases shortly after their releasement. The RMW is an additional instrument for researchers, academics, journalists, semi-amateur Russia-enthusiasts, and civil military observers to mitigate their extensive analysis work. The interface is user-friendly and works on a plethora of mobile and static platforms including desktops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

The focus of the site is on Russia’s military-related activities from military training, anti-terror operations, to miscellaneous events. The featured news sites are all official news media platforms of the Russian Federation including Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation, Rosgvardia News, National Anti-Terrorism Committee, RIA, and TASS.

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