ANDREASPOLITICS is a security policy blog by Andreas Turunen. The blog consists mainly articles regarding both Finnish national security and Baltic sea environment security politics, Middle East geopolitics, and terrorism.


Andreas Turunen is a security policy blogger studying International Politics and Security in Aberystwyth University. He is best known in the Nordic and Baltic security policy scene commenting about issues on Twitter concerning topical security issues. His professional interest is Russian security, hybrid threats, and unconventional warfare.

One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hi! I am Jaroslav Šimov (Ярослав Шимов), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Rusian Service senior editor. I am quite impressed by your project and would like to ask you a couple of questions about it, by phone or skype. If you are not against and have time next week, please contact me on Twitter (@JSimov) or mail ( or In case you have any doubts please ask Jesikka Aro about me, I’ve made a couple of interviews with her. Thank you!
    All best,


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