The Very Finnish Phenomena

Doublespeak and finlandization are alive and well in the Finnish political culture.

There are a couple of significant features in the Finnish security policy culture that are undoubtely one of the most interesting political phenomena at present. The first one is called Finlandization, which was the driving force of Finland’s foreign policy back in the Cold War period. A wikipedia definition for Finlandization is the following: “[Finlandization is] the process by which one powerful country strongly influences the policies of a smaller neighboring country, while allowing it to keep its independence and its own political system” and it literally means “becoming a country like Finland”. The term goes accurately hand-in-hand with the so called Paasikivi-Kekkonen -policy, in which pragmatic and “realistic” efforts were made to ensure the smaller country’s (Finland) existence and theoretic self-determination beside a global super power (Soviet Union), which was actively influencing the smaller country’s domestic policy. This led to a situation where the entire political and societal system became a huge gratification machine, unquestionably prepared to please the geopolitical giant.

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