Russia Military Watch has been launched

Today, prior to Russia’s Zapad-2017 military exercise, we are more than pleased to provide you a convenient tool to stay in touch with Russia’s military activity in the geographical sphere. This research tool will fill a gap between military activity mapping projects and automated translation feeds by combining the best features of the both concepts simultaneously.

Russia Military Watch (RMW) is a news feed geolocation illustrator that is based on both software-translated news of Russia’s official military press sites and a mapping system that allows the geolocation of single news articles and press releases shortly after their releasement. The RMW is an additional instrument for researchers, academics, journalists, semi-amateur Russia-enthusiasts, and civil military observers to mitigate their extensive analysis work. The interface is user-friendly and works on a plethora of mobile and static platforms including desktops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

The focus of the site is on Russia’s military-related activities from military training, anti-terror operations, to miscellaneous events. The featured news sites are all official news media platforms of the Russian Federation including Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation, Rosgvardia News, National Anti-Terrorism Committee, RIA, and TASS.

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